How high will Litecoin go in 2018 and should I buy it?

Bitcoin may be the original cryptocurrency, but its largest competitors have been gaining significant ground against it in recent months.

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Why I’ve Made The Move From Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash




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‘Insider Trading Is a Non-Crime’: Roger Ver Bites Back as GDAX Re-Opens Bitcoin Cash Trading


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Outspoken bitcoin cash proponent Roger Ver downplayed accusations that Coinbase employees had engaged in insider trading prior to the public revelation that the company was adding full support for bitcoin cash.

‘Insider Trading Is a Non-Crime’: Roger Ver

Speaking with CNBC on Wednesday, the early cryptocurrency investor and entrepreneur — once known as “Bitcoin Jesus” — said that the answer to the allegations of insider trading is not asking the government to further regulate cryptocurrency exchanges.

As CCN reported, the bitcoin cash price rose considerably in advance of the announcement, leading many people to question whether Coinbase employees had, in violation of company policies, traded bitcoin cash before the news was public knowledge. There are also rumors — thus far unconfirmed by CCN — that the information had been leaked to at least one cryptocurrency trading group.

Once Coinbase did open bitcoin cash markets, the coin’s price was incredibly volatile, spiking to $9,500 and leading the company to suspend trading just minutes later. The exchange did not re-open the markets until Wednesday.

Coinbase said that it is investigating the allegations of insider trading and will terminate any employee who engaged in the practice, but the company nevertheless incurred significant criticism for the way it handled the rollout.

However, Ver said that the onus is on consumers to look out for themselves, rather relying on the government to protect them from external threats.

“At the end of the day, buyers need to beware of whatever service they’re using, whether it’s a Bitcoin exchange or a coffee shop…be careful, take a look at what you’re doing, and don’t depend on the government to keep you safe from everything out there in the world,” he said.

Bitcoin Core ‘One of the Worst Development Teams’ in Cryptocurrency

Unsurprisingly, Ver also took time in the interview to criticize the approach that Bitcoin developers have taken as they attempt to scale the network to accommodate larger numbers of users and transactions.

“So by those standards, I think they’re probably one of the worlds development teams in the entire crypto coin ecosystem,” he concluded.

This, he concluded,

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Mr. Anonymous puts $1 Million at Stake, betting Bitcoin Price will hit $50,000 in 2018


Right now, volatility is bitcoin’s second name. Regarding price swings, no other commodity dead or alive does it better than the world’s number one blockchain-based cryptocurrency. Bitcoin demonstrated how volatile it could be, when it kissed $19,666 earlier in the week, from just trading at less than $1,000 before January 2017.

However, the bitcoin price saw a heartbreaking correction that pulled back to just above the $10,000 price region on December 22. At the time of writing, the cryptocurrency has started showing signs of going back toward the all-time high, with the price near the $15,000 price region.

The $50,000 Bitcoin Bet

While a lot of skeptics are busy predicting the downfall of the king of cryptos, there is one man that has shocked the world by placing a one million dollar wager on the possibility of the bitcoin price hitting $50,000 by the end of December 2018. For even the most die-hard bitcoin enthusiasts, this has to be one of the the craziest plans of the year.

As reported by Fortune, the anonymous person or even people, purchased the options contracts of approximately $1 million, on the LedgerX derivatives exchange.

An insider of the exchange who witnessed the event has said: “the trade wagering on a move to $50,000 was the first of its kind on LedgerX… Just under $1 million was paid for the options in one or more trades that took place during the 24-hour period ending at 4 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday, the records show. It is unclear from LedgerX’s data who the buyer or buyers were or whether the purchasing was done in multiple transactions or just one.”

Whoever the investor is may have seen a crystal clear revelation of where the bitcoin price would be by December 2018. At least that’s how appears right now, considering the huge drop in the bitcoin price on December 23. However, if one takes a closer look at the level of popularity the cryptocurrency has gained presently, coupled with the disruptions that bitcoin and have brought to the world of finance, then you will realize that it is entirely possible for bitcoin to hit $50,000 in 2018.

It remains to be seen if the $1 million bitcoin bet will be a winning bet or a loser; come December 2018 BTCManager will be here to tell you the story.




Mr. Anonymous puts $1 Million at Stake, betting Bitcoin Price will hit $50,000 in 2018


Coinbase Deems European Market Insufficiently Healthy to Trade Bitcoin Cash

coinbase logo

A lot of people were quite surprised to see Coinbase enable Bitcoin Cash trading a few days ago. Indeed, it was a pretty intriguing decision, although the altcoin has cemented its place in the world of cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, it seems European users will have to wait a while longer before they can buy BCH with their euros. According to Coinbase, that’s because European markets are “not sufficiently healthy.” It’s an interesting decision, to say the least.

No EUR/BCH Market for Coinbase

On one hand, it is good to see Coinbase make this smart decision well ahead of time. After all, it can’t afford to launch illiquid markets, especially not when they only just added another major trading market. Supporting Bitcoin Cash has been a smart decision, to say the least. Plenty of cryptocurrency enthusiasts had assumed this decision would be made at some point, although no one assumed it would happen this year. Then again, a lot of interesting decisions have been made by cryptocurrency exchanges throughout all of 2017.

For Coinbase, the decision to add Bitcoin Cash was not an easy one. Its goal is now to enable fiat currency trading pairs for BCH first and foremost. Before that can happen, the company will need to evaluate whether these markets possess sufficient liquidity. In the US, that was far less of an issue, as traders were more than willing to spend a lot of money on Bitcoin Cash when the new trading pair was added. The same cannot be said for the EUR market, unfortunately, but that isn’t really surprising either.

The Coinbase team has acknowledged the European markets are not sufficiently healthy to enable Bitcoin Cash trading right now. This means it is possible to buy BCH with US dollars, but not with euros at this point in time. It is a bit unclear why the European markets are not sufficiently healthy, even though we all know Europe is a very small player when it comes to cryptocurrency in general. For some reason, neither Bitcoin nor altcoins are very popular in this part of the world right now.

This doesn’t mean Europeans won’t be able to trade Bitcoin Cash against the euro in the future, though, as Coinbase still plans to enable this market as early as January of 2018. No specific date was announced at this time, but we should find out more in the next few weeks. It’s good to see Coinbase remain committed to enabling Bitcoin Cash trading for Europeans in the future. We can only hope this market gets added sooner rather than later.

Furthermore, Coinbase will continue to evaluate other “qualifying countries” in regards to support for Bitcoin Cash. It is obvious that demand for this particular altcoin has never been greater, and people are more than willing to spend fiat currency to obtain BCH. Moreover, Coinbase is still contemplating adding support for other cryptocurrencies as well. There are quite a few coins which could use fiat currency support right now, and which coins will be added to Coinbase remains to be seen.

It is also important to note that Coinbase users may experience some big delays when it comes to sending wire deposits and receiving withdrawals. According to the website, these can take up to five business days, which is not acceptable. At the same time, the massive influx of new users looking to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at this crucial time will impact the platform’s service in one way or another. Centralized exchanges are still problematic in this regard, yet it will be very difficult to bypass issues like these in the future.